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The Lord woke me immediately after He gave me a Dream in which He had said clearly “Excellent results in Australia with Cushings Disease”.  I believe we will see this as a headline in Newspapers &/or medical journals.    I had never heard of this disease before, but I know that those who suffer from it will … Continue reading

“MY OWN WILL DO GREAT EXPLOITS IN MY NAME” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“I have crushed the enemy under My Feet – your life is in My Hands! What treasure has a man apart from Me? – there is none! His goal & purpose is trite. He is unable to distinguish right from wrong for his eyes are darkened. I Am your Wellspring. I Am your Eye-salve. I … Continue reading

“COME BOLDLY – I AM YOUR AWAKENING & REFUGE!” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Come to me My child, & be not afraid to boldly bring your claims on My Word to My Courtroom for I am open & persuaded to counteract all satan’s illegitimate claims against My people. There’s knowledge & there’s My Fire to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy. I delight to maintain justice … Continue reading

VISION – Famous Cricketer for the Glory of God! Vision thru Susie Whitney

Woken from hearing God saying: “ I am going to do great things upon the Earth”. I then had a simple momentary flash vision: I saw a professional cricketer walking from the cricket pitch from which he had just played in a world class match. He had a huge grin on his face because he … Continue reading

“CHURCH, CRY OUT FOR MY PEOPLE ISRAEL” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

 “There is fire in My Eyes & a scepter in My hand & I will bring the full force of My power upon those who seek to dominate & dissuade My people from righteousness. Reach out to Me & listen to My Heartbeat & My Call to Arms! Listen to what I have to say! … Continue reading

“I WILL RENEW MY COVENANT WITH ISRAEL” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“I will renew (make new) My Covenant with Israel & will find many to be awakened & centered in Me. The light in their hearts & minds will be eclipsed no more! They will fight for their position as they will know what it is to stand for My Name with no hesitation & to … Continue reading

“FEAR NOT! HOPE FOR THE FUTURE” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Shake free from disillusionment & fear, for I will baptize you with Fire. Come with both hands ready. Come with a heart of mercy, & be awakened into a new beginning… a new time of faith explosion & adaptation to My ways. Adjustments will be made, & the conquerable will be made unconquerable. A New … Continue reading

“PERSIST IN THE BATTLES – DON”T GIVE UP” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

REPRINT: “You have to keep fighting each battle until you win. In the past if you stood up to fight & did not win almost immediately, you gave up & thought that I was not in the battle with you, but this is not so. Instead, you are to defeat the enemy in all conditions… … Continue reading

“My promise is sure! Endure in My truth.” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Lift My Banner high. Exalt My Name above all things & doubt not My faithfulness. You are My delight & I will work on your behalf to bring all things in your life into alignment with Me.   I will never neglect My promises & faithfulness to you. Do not doubt & do not fear. … Continue reading


“The Hand of God is upon us & He will cause the ‘Great Alignment’ to take place. He will censor all that is obscure (hidden, dark, in opposition to enlightenment). He will establish a time of great fruitfulness. We will reach out for more, & it will be ours, & we will go forth in … Continue reading

“DO NOT BE PASSIVE – YOU ARE WORTH MORE!” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“You have been given the authority & ‘go ahead’ from Me to fight & win in My Name. Do not lay down & accept less than the dream I placed in your heart – anything less is agreeing with the enemy & letting him steal it & passively accepting this, – but no more! Do … Continue reading


“Where the leaves have fallen & become dry & crackly I will send Rain! Watch & see the transformation upon your lives & disposition! I will send Rain! I will quench the fiery darts of the enemy & will bring release & fullness & power! Maintain a vigilant prayer life & intention of heart to … Continue reading

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