Below are some of my favourite Worship videos:

“With All I Am” – Hillsong:

“This is the Air I breathe” – Michael W Smith

“ABOVE ALL” – Hillsong (below):

“IN THE SPIRIT” – Don Potter (below):

This song will get you up dancing in the Spirit!

“I HAVE OVERCOME” – Don Potter.(below)

THIS WILL CHALLENGE ANY RELIGIOUS SPIRIT STILL ON YOU AS THEY ARE LED BY HOLY SPIRIT!   Ha!  GET UP & DANCE IN THE SPIRIT!        (Don shares a short testimony for 5mins 20seconds before the song!)

Feel the Spirit – Don Potter. (below)

This is a Warfare/Worship song – very powerful!

“I Need You More” -Jesus Culture

The More I Seek You + Spontaneous Worship – Stephanie Frizzell (below).

This is definitely not for listening to, but for entering into God;s Presence! 

“I Surrender” – Jesus Culture/Kim Walker

“I Surrender” – Hillsong Live (A different song than the one above) (below)

Its all about surrender, & then we are free!

 “Through it All” – Hillsong

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