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This is an excerpt of a Prophetic Word which I am posting for those who are needing encouragement & freedom, esp from confusion, anxiety, condemnation & even spiritual abuse.    Though I posted the full Prophetic Word once before it was under a title that may not have caused it to be obvious that it was to bring freedom & encouragement.   (The full Prophetic word was called “HOW COULD MY BRIDE (Church) BELIEVE WHEN SHE HAS NOT BEEN TAUGHT ACCURATELY?”  Click here to read in full.)

Written below the prophetic Word is then a long message I have written for all those who truly wish to get close or closer to God, by showing you how approachable He is because He is kind & merciful to those whose hearts are humble enough to want to live in truth.     I have found that people of many different faiths & beliefs read these Prophetic Words from God, & many are hurting or disheartened & are searching, & I believe this message will encourage everyone!


My Beauty, My Delight, hear My words of encouragement to you.    Find yourself to be in Me.  Come in to My embrace & neglect intimacy no longer, for it is here that you will find your deliverance, hope & place of refuge.
Settle it in your heart I am not a forger….. I offer no counterfeits to coerce & manipulate. I offer only that which is pure, where you can find your full release.

Come!   Learn what it is to rely heavily upon Me.   This is My delight to carry & lead you… this is My aim.   The liar has set to burden you & to cause you to confuse truth with lies….. finding fault with the ones who realize their deep need for My comfort & guidance.   The spirit of independence has shamed the meek & lowly, & honoured self-will & self-sufficiency, extending this lie throughout My Church to nullify the power of My Cross.

The loss has been great in My Church with many wandering & gone astray when shepherds have not aligned with My Words of life.

So hear Me now & find me in the midst of humility.   Look to Me for all your needs & let not the world arrest your attention any longer.

   Fear not!    I will not fail you!   Centre your heart on Me & My sufficiency & you will know deep release for your souls.     Seek not the accolades of man, nor his serenade that quickly ceases, for My Love will never give out.

  I will never desert you or leave you to yourself & your own strength which fails you.
Seek Me out!   Resist My call no more.   I have all you need!”       END

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    This message (below) is for both those who know God & for those who don’t know him yet but want to.      It is to give understanding to those who know of God but do not yet know Him personally & intimately, & the second part of this message is also encouraging for the many Christians who already know God but who have become heart-broken & wounded & so have come to struggle to connect really closely with God emotionally each day.    This will hopefully bring some settlement in some hearts of God’s heart, mercy, character & ways, so as to bring hope & encouragement, & to reduce any confusion & fear.

The Basics First:  Father-God loves us all but wants us to know why He is fully available only to all who come to Him through Christ Jesus, even though He has created every one of us wanting us to choose to willingly be His child.     His perfect love will never force us to choose to love Him & to become part of His family by accepting Him as our Heavenly Father & God & Lord.    He did not create us to be puppets, robots or be enslaved, but to have a free will about everything including whether we want to let Him be our God & do things his way.

True love & devotion & relationship can only exist from a heart that is free to choose.    Any leader or supposed ‘god’ that demands & enforces that they be served through brutality, intimidation or oppression is only a tyrant & slave master, & is certainly not the one who created the great beauty & kindness that still exists today, though much has been tainted by mankind.   Jesus is the only way to access God because God is perfect, holy & righteous & so He  cannot fellowship with sinners, so Jesus made the way for our Salvation by taking the punishment for our sins upon himself  & by transforming all who would receive Him.   To accept Jesus as our Saviour we must first humble ourselves enough to admit that we are a sinner who needs Jesus as Saviour, & then sincerely ask God for His forgiveness  & ask Jesus to save us from our sins.

But why must Jesus Christ be the way of salvation?

God does not categorise us by what we do, but by what we really are in our true identity. Anyone who has had much to do with even toddlers & little children know that they dont have to be taught to sin because it comes naturallyto the human race because we all inherited a sinful nature, & so we are sinners.  Once we turn to the one true God & simply sincerely want Him to forgive us & save us from our sins & to love Him & reverence him as God, then He accepts us into His family & puts a new heart in us. So then He says we are no longer sinners, but saints – not because we have performed miracles or because of anything we have done, but simply because we are now part of his family & have been transformed by Him.  Sinners can never be right with God & be in His Presence on Earth or in Heaven, so they must not only be forgiven but must become transformed by becoming ‘born again’ into God’s family – being reborn as a saint instead of being a sinner.  People are spirit-beings who have a soul & live in a body, & when they are born again into God’s family a new Spirit is put in them… being now joined to Jesus’s Spirit, but their soul & body is the same, which is why the acts of sin decrease over time from then on.

So as a whole new creation with a new Spirit we can come into God’s Presence & fellowship with Him forever.

For those who are not yet born again they still have an inherited sinful nature, so sinning in thoughts, attitudes & actions continue because of that fallen nature no matter how hard people may try to do right.

The most serious sin anyone has committed which leads to every other sin is the sin of refusing the one true God as our Lord & Saviour, so this is the sin we have to repent of first & foremost to be saved/born again.  

When we do this the Lord then speaks to us about our other sins & helps us to lay them down which is mostly relatively easy because we now have a new Spirit & we want to bless this wonderful heavenly Father that we have just met.   Also now being with Him fills our hearts with so much peace & joy that we dont want anything in our life that hurts Him or us or others, because now we are beginning to really feel & understand true love & kindness.

God is totally aware of every motive in our heart, & even the good things people do are not only motivated by good intentions but there is also another underlying motive that is based on selfishness & self-seeking, such as wanting to feel good about ourselves & about our worth based on what we do outwardly & so as to be considered to be acceptable to ourselves & certain others etc.  This brings strain & torment & undue pressure, judgements & demands on everyone, which is harmful to all & causes many sinful attitudes & behaviours.    God is good & wants us free from this.  He wants us to realise that we are all precious to Him & all worth much despite the fact that we sin, but we still need forgiveness & a new spirit!  So no-one is worth more than anyone else, & certainly not based on their outward behaviour, but simply because God created us all out of His Heart.

The wrong mentality that says that a person’s worth is based on their outward performance is destructive, causing people to judge themselves & other’s & to compare themselves against others etc.   Certainly we must judge correctly about certain behaviours being wrong & destructive, but we are not to judge the people themselves for we do not know the true thoughts & intentions of other’s hearts or even our own hearts & so we will judge wrongly & will either put ourselves or others down or exalt ourselves or others above other people. This thinking & attitude is wrong because it invites arrogance, shallowness, coldness of heart, abuse, neglect, corruption, the belittling & degradation of others & the presumed justification of any & every evil. It brings about every problem there is in this fallen world.

We are all worth much, & no person is worth more than any other person which is why Jesus died for every person (past, present & future). Any person who’s ‘god’ would create the world to be like that, expecting people to perform certain outward actions to make themselves acceptable to him/she/it would be a cruel, cold-hearted, selfish & callous ‘god’ who could not possibly have created the beautiful things on this earth, & would have no love, kindness, gentleness, compassion, comfort, mercy etc to bring into this world & so could not be the true God.

Jesus went to the Cross willingly to carry the burden of our sins for us not only by taking our punishment so that we can receive forgiveness but when He took our sin upon Himself He also gave us His own righteousness in exchange so we could be reconciled & fellowship with God who is sinless!

This is nothing less than perfect love, kindness & mercy, & is something that no-one could ever deserve in the slightest.   Even though we have sinned constantly all our lives in many different ways, thoughts & attitudes & had forsaken God Himself, He loves us so much that He gave His Son up for us, sacrificing all for us because He loves us so deeply!   We all desperately need this love & mercy & kindness that we could never deserve, & the Lord wants us to learn to love others in this way too!

When Jesus carried our sins on the Cross it meant that all who would accept his sacrifice & make Him Saviour & Lord would no longer have to carry the burden of their sins again because all that He carried on the Cross died on the Cross with Him.   When He rose from the dead, all who accepted His death as their own death to sin also became partakers of His resurrection life & so are also raised anew (born again) with a new nature… no longer birthed into sin & therefore no longer being a sinner but instead being born again as a saint because our spirit becomes joined to Christ’s spirit, with us now being ‘in him’ & He now being ‘in us’.

When we choose to walk away from our old sinful life away from God we willingly go to the Cross too in our hearts & lay down our life with Him dying to our old life), & we are raised with him in His resurrection life & are now partakers of His nature. It is indeed a whole new life, because we actually become a new person… a new creation, with His Spirit coming to live in us!

 We are not only forgiven but  are actually made new, & this is why we can become a part  of God’s family, because we are now born into it through Christ’s death & resurrection for us!

  Those who wrongly believe that they can receive Salvation or be made right with God through any other way or through their own ‘good works’ & righteousness do not understand the huge chasm between their sinfulness & God’s perfection & righteousness which no person can cross except through Christ Jesus.    This is why He is the only way to God.  

  The only thing we can do to become right with God is to accept Jesus’s righteousness on our behalf  by humbling ourselves before Him, by acknowledging that we are a sinner, by seeking His mercy by asking for forgiveness & then by accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour.  So though we were originally born into this fallen world as a sinner, we were always still deeply loved by God & He felt we were worth dying for to save us & to make us new!

Our soul has been trained up & taught to think, feel & respond according to the sinful nature & the ways of the world & the devil, & so when we become born again we have a renewed spirit & heart but it takes time for our soul to be renewed.   Our hearts now long to do only what is God’s desire, but our soul (thought processes & emotions) are still wrongly programmed & wounded, so its a process over time for our souls to be healed & renewed.    

  To the degree that we understand God’s deep love & care for us personally is what determines how quickly & thoroughly our soul heals, & for many this is very hard to really accept in the depths of their hearts because their sense of worth has been so damaged.  

 God’s power, healing & deliverance is freely available to us to draw from so our soul can be increasingly healed & renewed, but if our wounds are deep, or if we are stumbled by a bad church or by Christians who portray God wrongly as harsh upon His own, then this can cause us to become afraid to get really close to God & to talk with Him freely & let Him pour out His love upon us which would heal us.      All of us suffer from this to some extent for we have all suffered from rejection, gossip, slander, criticism, unkind judgement, belittling etc so some extent & so everyone has some wounds to overcome, & most people have many.  

      Our wounds usually cause people to consciously or subconsciously keep an emotional distance from intimate relationship with people or with God, because we’ve been trained by our experiences with people to expect to be hurt, rejected, abandoned, accused, mistreated, betrayed, misunderstood, disappointed etc.      So we can subconsciously be expecting the same from God because we’ve never experienced perfect unconditional, sacrificial love & kindness toward us & so we simply cant understand it.      Until our souls are healed & our minds are renewed we can still be afraid of our own limitations & failures & can fear that God will be angry with us & will not accept us because it seems to hard to dare to hope for & believe by those who have suffered much abuse & neglect & harshness from people, or who have been told that God is cruel & uncaring.  But God loves us & has made the way so that we can have this wonderful safe & loving relationship with Him through Jesus.    

Sadly many Christians who have been very wounded can only accept enough of of God’s grace & love to become born again (receive Salvation), but then because their souls have not yet been renewed & healed they use their old human reasoning & understanding of the mind to try to relate with God & they teach other Christians to do the same instead of connecting with His heart, & so they try to relate with God through performing religious rituals & outward activities, & this grieves Daddy-God’s heart because He longs for our closeness with Him.      He does not want His own children to remain at a distance from Him, nor does He want them to teach or encourage His other children to do the same.  

   Whether through woundedness or because of some remaining arrogance & so still wanting to prove they are worth more because of their performance, it is these ones who do not grow in understanding God’s grace & freedom who try use the New Testament as a book of rules & regulations to judge themselves & other’s by… the very thing the New Testament of the Bible itself speaks against, but the bible itself says that those who read the law (as if it is the way we must live) have their eyes veiled.       They become blinded to the truth of freedom, for they are rejecting God’s grace because there never was & never will be anything that we can do to make ourselves right with God except to accept the undeserved love & grace of Jesus as our Saviour.      God will never remove our free will, & it is up to us to come to Him daily so He can heal & renew our soul, but we often need encouragement to do that if we are still vulnerable to the lies of satan that tell us that God couldnt possibly be pleased with us & cherish us because of our many imperfections.

Its important to avoid being influenced by any person, any book, any church etc that causes you to feel driven to “work for God” or to try to make yourself more right with God by doing something.    Also avoid those who cause you to feel like you’re not doing enough for God, or doing well enough, or if they are encouraging you to compare yourself to others or to judge others etc.      

    We have all experienced being encouraged or accepted by people only when we do things the way they want us to, so we have learned to some extent to do things to be accepted by people (or certain people) & to avoid their punishment or rejection.      This can be so deeply rooted in us that it can rule every area of our lives & is often totally subconscious, but it causes us to follow people to gain their approval instead of only following God.      The biggest trap is when we think we are following God by following the pastor/leader or the particular spoken or unspoken ‘rules’ & wrong cultures that can be in many churches or families.    This can cause much confusion in our hearts & minds, but we must come to a place of acknowledging whether we are experiencing more of God’s freedom & peace & rest &  if we are getting more intimate with God, or whether we are becoming more bound & finding that we are always too busy to be with God & that its becoming like a job instead of our heart’s craving to spend time with Him  because we have forgotten how amazing He is to be intimately close to.      If its the latter, then we are not to suffer condemnation or be accused or judged (by ourselves or by others)  but we need to be encouraged & reminded of God’s great kindness & craving for us to be with Him in His loving arms so He can fill us to overflowing, & so He can experience our love & adoration for Him.  We will never be happy & fulfilled if we are not connecting with God through worshipping & loving Him & giving him all praise & thanksgiving in all things, for this is what sets us free & heals our soul.

 Its all about relationship… about relating intimately with the Lover of our souls, & if that’s not happening then we have fallen into a trap.    We need to sincerely ask the Lord to help us to get close to Him & to guide us away from thoughts, ways, people & activities that are leading us away from Him & His freedom, & to guide us toward all that will help us.        Severely wounded people who have known intense & prolonged spiritual abuse from different religions or from very misled or so-called Christians can often feel traumatised even thinking about  God or about being around religious people or churches or even about praying & reading the bible because they are afraid that the religious people might be right & that maybe God is harsh & demanding & that they will never be really be fully accepted by Him because they think they are failures in God’s sight.        But the One true God is good & kind & merciful, forgiving & loving & He hates that the people He loves have been stumbled so as to keep them distant from Him for He longs for our closeness for He delights in us totally, as only perfect & pure love can.

 The more we can come & rest in his arms & love the more we are healed & so become more like Him – free & filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control etc.    We become part of a life-giving cycle.   As our soul becomes increasingly healed we experience less fear & shame etc & so we increasingly sin less because we have hope & peace because we know we are loved & safe, & so we happily lay down any sinful attitudes that the Lord reveals in us.  

    Every day in this fallen world brings new difficulties & temptations & only God’s strength is adequate to deal with all these difficulties.    His joy is our strength, & that joy comes from being in his presence & being filled by His love, so we are able to overcome.     We were never created to be sufficient in ourselves for anything, but rather to daily partake of Him till we are filled to overflowing with all that we need.    

We Christians still have only a limited grasp so far of what we have received  when we have become a child of God.    Sadly many times we can still put ourselves & other Christians back under rules & regulations (the law) which causes us to wrongly judge, accuse & condemn ourselves & others when we find that we cannot keep all the ‘rules’.      But this is not God’s way!      He came to set us free from the weight/burden of the law by putting a new heart in us that wants to do what is right (according to God) & then He enables us to do that as we fill up on Him & His grace to do all that is necessary, so life becomes a wonderful journey with Jesus as He carries us & leads us on.  

    Jesus came to set us free, not to condemn us under the law which only brings oppression, shame, fear, torment & death instead of life.    He wants us to continue to choose closeness with Him to bless him & others & ourselves but He understands that many of his own have been stumbled & so they have become discouraged & broken & He longs to heal our broken hearts. 

     Its very important too to understand that God is supernatural & Spirit.   The angels are spirits.   We are spirits who have a soul & dwell in a body (on earth temporarily).  But there are also fallen angels who rebelled against God because they too were given a free will to serve Him or not, & they serve satan  who is a fallen arch-angel.   They are very real & they hate God & us & want to keep us from God & from all the good that He is and has for us.      To ignore that satan exists & is busily working is to pretend that rape, murder, abuse, torture,  sexual slavery, addictions, self-harm, suicide, slander, meanness, self-righteousness, etc etc etc also dont really exist.   Pretending evil doesnt exist does not make it go away but makes us vulnerable & unprepared in how o avoid it.  

 If we ignore the realities of the spirit realm & of the existence & ways of satan & his demons, & if we do not know how to refuse his attacks against us then we will suffer much unnecessary loss, lack, confusion, fear, sickness, struggles etc etc.     Jesus defeated him at the Cross, & He  took away his authority over us who have accepted Jesus, but he is a liar, murderer & thief… a criminal who will get away with as many crimes as we will let him get away with though he is breaking God’s laws by attacking God’s people.      We have to choose to stand with God & refuse satan’s lies & ways, but to do so we need to understand that His attacks are mostly through lies to condemn & accuse us falsely.     He tries to shame us & put fear in us & lies to us about the goodness of God so we will be too afraid to run to God to be strengthened & comforted by His great love.    If satan can get us to believe God is harsh & demanding then we cant stand strong with joy & peace & hope & God’s overcoming power.  

We were not only given forgiveness & Jesus righteousness, but we became children & ambassadors of God, & as part of His royal family were given all authority over satan & his demons.  God gives us rulership  (under Himself) over all that God has given us responsibility for, & this includes authority over satan.  To explain this is to give a comparable symbolic picture of what this is similar to.   In certain ways we have authority like a police officer does.    When a police officer is given authority over a certain area & group of people it is his responsibilty to look after them.         He is given legal authority in the name of the law, handcuffs, a weapon & the means to remove criminals from where they are doing harm by casting them into prison.      We too have authority in the name of Jesus.    Satan & his demons are criminals who break the law & try to steal from us & harm us & our families & all that is ours.    If we want to stop them from doing this we have to use our authority & command them to stop in the name of Jesus, we need to use our weapon ( the Bible is our sword), we need to bind them, which is similar to police putting criminals in handcuffs, & we need to cast them into prison to stop them.    If police dont do their job then those who love evil will continue to do it unhindered, but if the police do what is right & good then they stand against the evil & stop it.      We each have our own small area of authority & if we each did our bit then our lives & families & towns & nations would change, but whilst satan has people deceived into believing that God is ok with the evil & that it is Him that is casually letting it happen because we arent using our authority then evil will continue in our midst.

If your child was physically being attacked by a criminal & you had a weapon & handcuffs & could stop the evil against your child then you would, yet so many Christians passively watch satan attacking their children’s souls, health, relationships etc & do nothing about it except ask God to help.  Its good to ask God for help, but its also essential to obey Him by participating in His way of helping us.       If a police officer saw your child being attacked & did nothing you would be horrified because you know they have been given the authority & task to do what is right to stop the evil in the name of the law.    God is deeply grieved when He sees us passively doing nothing though He has clearly told us in the bible that we have even greater authority  in the spirit realm to stop evil.  This is an area that many Christians need their minds renewed in so that they will no longer remain passive.

      Many who have supposedly run away from God, have actually run away from a wrong concept of who God is…. & rightly so.    Many attribute the actions & thoughts of satan as being from God, & when this is how God is portrayed then of course people will run away.      But if they knew who the true God really is, & also knew His true heart & character & deep perfect love for people then many would run to Him & not away from Him.     Only God knows what is in each person’s heart.       God is moving powerfully throughout the earth & is moving on people’s hearts & many are choosing to open their hearts & are becoming increasingly hungry for the truth & for their wounded hearts to be healed.  Those who don’t will have to suffer the punishment for their own sins, because God is perfectly loving & good & just & this ensures that He cannot wink at sin, nor see the destruction that it brings as ok. Perfect love & goodness hates evil, & sin is evil.

 God is good & wants us free from the burden, condemnation & control of sin over us. He says:  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.(Matthew 11:28)

Susie Whitney & & (S/Warfare)     Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333. You may copy this to share in its entirety provided you do not use it for commercial use or alter it. (incl name, website & Copyright).
“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

About Susie Whitney

I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )


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