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This is Part 4 in the series ‘UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES – THE DAYS OF FIRES, WINDS & RAINS’! (but keep your eyes on Jesus!)

“I will advance My Troops against the enemy. He will loose his grip over My people, & I will shut down the forces of evil being released upon those who put their heart & hope in Me.
For the drought has made the wood dry & it has been easily broken & used for kindling, yet those who have sought Me out have remained green & I will bring new life & release to these who have remained in Me.
Hear the Angels sing :- “The Lord Almighty Reigns!”

I will hide those who have hid themselves in Me, & the giants in their lives will be overtaken, & they will know full restoration & reformation.

Feast in me!    Know Me & all My fullness, & do not be concerned with the ‘breaking away’ (falling away), for many have been terminal in the spirit for a long time & have not found themselves to be in Me, & this will be revealed as the cries go out against My own who have kept themselves pure. 

Much will be torn down that has not been found to be in Me, but those who have been found faithful to the end shall be saved.

Hold tight!    Grip on!    For torrential rains are coming & I will wash away the debris & make clean My own House, & many will cry out in vain & their loss will be great, for their hearts have been far from Me.
I will separate the righteous from the unrighteous & My House will be Holy & separated unto Me with pure motives.   Their lights will be set on a hill for all to see, & they will not be ashamed of Me & My Gospel. 
They will reach out to the lost & broken & needy & will not love their own lives, but will prepare the way for many more to come who will be willing to put their trust in Me.

  My Army will be great & will march into My Victory that I have won.

Do not hold back!    Shake yourself free from disillusionment, for My light will shine on your path & make clear the way to go.

Those not found wanting in their love for Me who have been faithful to keep themselves separate from the world & its counterfeits will know many blessings & will endure until the end for they have found favour in My sight. (This includes those who turn back from backsliding).

You will see & know the weightiness of My Glory & My full Outpouring upon the face of the Earth.  (this particular sentence was God speaking to me as a 54yrs old person now so that we will all know that many who are living now will see at the very least the beginning of the ‘Full Outpouring’ for we dont know how many years the full outpouring will be in existence).

There will be lightning & peels of thunder not seen before upon the earth that will bring great fear into the hearts of men.   The torrents will wash away many.

Soon the shakings will increase in magnitude & even the forests will tremble.    Violent storms & winds & earthquakes & hurricanes will be seen throughout the Earth, & all that man relies on will become increasingly unstable, & he will find no shelter from the storms except he come to Me, for I am his only refuge & comfort in the days of great trial.

The river Euphrates will rise & break her banks & much will be lost & destroyed, for many are those who have sinned against Me in this place.

Vancouver is balanced in the scales & must turn & so not be afflicted, yet I will send My Spirit & cause many to bend a bow of bronze & quench the fiery darts of the enemy through their prayers & righteousness, & will turn their city around for My name’s sake.

Many will tremble in the midst of the storms coming against them, yet many will turn to Me & know My Healing & Redemption.

I will cause many to flourish in the midst of trials & they will know great peace & abundance whilst others are left wanting.”   END

NOTES:  Though the Lord specifically mentions the Euphrates River & Vancouver here, I feel that not only does the Lord want us to pray for repentance for the unsaved & for protection for God’s people in these specific places, but I also feel that they are examples of what is happening in many places on the Earth.    There will be many areas/cities/nations where great calamities will come because of mass unrepentant sin in those places, & there are many places like Vancouver that are “balanced in the scales” but where the people will eventually humble themselves, seek God & repent.  Even where the Lord allows great catastrophies, He does so in the hope that the people there will repent & turn to Him, for He is the God of redemption & reconciliation.

I believe the Lord is telling us these things to remind us of the huge importance of humility & repentance so we do not think He will wink at sin just because of His great love & mercy.    Pure love cannot ignore evil, but is Just!     Please pray for those who live near the Euphrates River…. for the people to repent & for God’s people there to be kept safe, & pray the same for every other place where huge traumas such as this will come, for there will be very many throughout the world.    Cry out for yourself, your family, your church group & your own area/town/city/nation, inviting the Lord to come & cleanse all…… bringing a Spirit of conviction, repentance & holiness, & for Him to remove all self-deceit, arrogance, defiance, rebellion &, treachery that may be buried in our hearts.  Specifically also ask the Lord to reveal to yourself & to His people generally where there is any unrighteous judgement, resentment, unforgiveness, cold-heartedness & hatred.   There have been many open doors for the enemy to attack God’s people because of these hidden sins which we very often are not consciously aware of.  Some hardness or coldness of heart can come about after we have been wounded by other’s actions & so we can subconsciously put up a wall in our hearts to try to protect ourselves but this just opens the door to division, further offences, fear, judgement, bitterness etc. God wants us healed, whole & able to love & be loved to be free!

To keep a healthy balance of understanding God’s heart the Lord said: “Cast aside all doubts & fears for I have not finished with those who have become lost & gone astray.  I Am only now beginning to bring forth a full Awakening into the hearts & minds of all mankind, & the harvest will be great as I meet My Bride in the air, as She carries Herself with the dignity & honour that I Myself have bestowed upon her for My Name’s sake. I will wash Her white as snow & She will be My Bride … finding all Her delights in Me as Her Husband.       So do not quake in your boots as you see the darkness rage against My people, for I Myself will bestow My grace & power upon Her, & I will hold Her in My Hand for I Am Faithful & True.” (excerpt from Prophetic Word “BACKSLIDDEN TURNING BACK, AWAKENING & HARVEST”) (click here to read whole Prophetic Word).

Excerpt from MY PEOPLE WILL BE FREE INDEED” : –    “My people will no longer be held in bondage to sin & fear as this New Day is dawning… a day of freedom & release…….   My good gifts will nourish My people’s souls & quench the lies of the enemy, for he will be put down in the hearts & minds of those who seek Me & release their lives into My Hands“.  Click here to read the whole Prophetic Word (very short).

(To read each Part in the Series go to the Category “DAYS OF FIRES WINDS & RAINS – UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES (Series)” or click here.     This series is made up of numerous Prophetic Words for 2013+ spoken by the Lord to teach us about what He is doing now & in the future, & why & how He will be using Fires, Winds & Rains etc (literally & spiritually) in increasing intensity as outpourings of blessing, & also as shakings to bring discipline & sobering to His Church & to the world.  Whether seemingly negative or positive, all these elements are being released to correct, sober, strengthen, empower & free us into the fullness of the Lord!)

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“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )

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