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God said I WOULD SEE THESE WORLD PROPHECIES (below) FULFILLED.    AUSTRALIA is also specifically referred to in just one section but I’m sure that what God says He’s doing in regards Australia must be what He’s doing throughout the world in presumably all nations, for He is setting the stage for the days ahead.

This is an excerpt of the 1st Prophetic Word that the Lord ever specifically told me to write down as He spoke it to me. I received it 16yrs ago (1997) & feel to now share the parts of it which are becoming increasingly relevant to us all as we move further into the Last Days. It originally also contained messages only for me for my own life which I’ve not included here except for the parts that are relevant to us all with regards both guidance & encouragement.   When God said “your eyes will see” He was speaking to me & I am 54yrs old now, so most of us who are still alive now will see these things in the coming years. He is referring to Australia when He spoke of “this Land” because I am Australian.

Prophetic Word:

“Know this, I the Lord have spoken, & I will deliver into your arms the child you have cried for…the New Life… the New Wine,  but the fruit must be grown before the Wine is pressed out.    Be faithful in prayer & know that I the Lord have spoken.   Do not despise (think of as of no importance) those I have placed you with so that I might pour out My Spirit on your flesh & the flesh of your families, & I will bring forth much fruit if you persevere.

Know that I will bring forth Life.   I Am the Giver of Life!   I will pour out My refreshing!   Know My Name & call on Me.   I Am the Giver of Life!

Register your name with Me as one who partakes of New Wine… as one who perseveres & knows that I call My plan into being in My good pleasure.   For I the Lord know this, that many shall run & hide & many shall grow faint & will fear what I do, but know My Name alone & call on Me.

I have a plan & purpose for your life.   Your life is not an enigma (puzzle), but a sprouting forth in due season from My Mouth as I have spoken it.   

Be persistent in the things I have spoken to you & know that as you call upon My Name & persevere in reverence to Me I will bring forth My plan for you.
Be sure in the knowledge of My love.   I have not left you & will not leave you dry, but will water you like a well nurtured garden, & your fruit will multiply as I give forth Rain.    But know this, you will be subject to Me & I will tend My garden & you will know Me alone as the Giver of Life!

Do not despair, & take heart, for the time is coming & will be, when My Spirit will be poured out on all flesh & My Name will be glorified all over the Earth.   Your eyes will see the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Know My Name My child, & fear not about the carelessness of man, for My plan will be fulfilled to the very ends of the Earth, & you will not be subject to any other.    I decide when I shut up the heavens & when I pour forth the Rains of Heaven with a New Awakening within the hearts of men.

Go forth & produce fruit & know that My Hand is upon your life.   Be not tempted to grovel in the pit of despair, but know that victory & life are sure.   No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor mind conceived what I the Lord have prepared for those who love Me.   Do not be in unbelief, but be sure-footed in Me alone, & persevere until the full outpouring of My Spirit! (Many of us will see this in our lifetime.)

SHALOM!    I give you My peace!

Follow Me!   Walk in the knowledge of My life.   Watch Me in your life & follow Me alone.   I will not cause you to step on rocky ground where you would stumble & fall, but I call you to higher ground where My Spirit pours forth the light of peace & understanding that surpasses the knowledge of man.

Walk with Me on higher ground.   Be willing to swallow the bitter cup when it is passed your way to sip, for life comes from death & fervent hearts weep, but quickly New Life is poured forth & your spirit will be refreshed as I wash over your soul.

Know this, enemies will come, but as you follow Me My Spirit will rise up within you & quicken not the lesser truths, but the greater truths, & you will honour Me with your lips… lips of mercy in contrast to ashen lips of foreboding.   Mercy triumphs over judgement!
Come to My Mercy Seat & know My mercy for you.    I have set you apart that you might know Me!

Foreigners will try to come & dwell in this land, but only the ships bringing My cargo will be allowed to land.    My mercy will be replaced with wrath for those who try to frustrate My purposes & unload their cargo in this land.

Be merciful & you will triumph in this land.  Give forth speech that determines who I am… I am the God of mercy who has known the shame & agony of the Cross, & My Blood was shed that I might lead forth My people through into complete victory for My purposes.

Know this, disrupters who know no shame will try to forge the things that I do, but their plans will not succeed. Those who do not bring glory to My Name will be washed away by the torrents as I pour My Spirit forth onto this land.

My Name is not a mountain to be climbed but the Name to be called on…. the Name that with a shout will bring forth the Glory of the Lord! My Glory will be poured forth & those who search Me out will manifest the fruit of the Spirit.

Lay hold of all I have given into your hands.   The enemy will be subdued & mercy will prevail for those who call upon My Name… the only Name in Heaven & Earth that can save you & lead you Home!

So triumph over sin & do not hesitate to go forward in the power of My might.   The shadows of darkness will not block out My Light as you look to Me.    Be fervent in prayer, knowing that I will supplant your enemies.
Rustlers shall not come & steal from you what I have placed in your heart as you know Me well & hold fast to My leading.
Let love prevail & expel every fear & trouble in your mind, & know that I have spoken.    My love endures forever!”

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“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )


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