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“I WILL SWEETEN THE BITTER WATERS” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Though the waters have been bitter, I will sweeten them. You will know what it is to find My hope & My extravagance in your daily menu. I will deliver much into your hands, so reach high & drink! Find Me here in the midst of the waters…… let Me saturate your soul & fill … Continue reading

“DREAM- RELEASE YOUR FEARS INTO MY HANDS.” Prophetic Word for 2012, 2013+ by Susie Whitney

DREAM with MESSAGE & PROPHETIC WORD: DREAM:  I woke this morning from a dream where the last thing I heard was Matthew 7:10 before the Lord woke me.  He is revealing that the message of Matt 7:10 is one we MUST keep in our hearts at this time & in the times ahead to encourage & … Continue reading


This long Prophetic Word tells of the Awakening,  Jesus’ Bride being Caught Up in the Air, Storms Brewing in the Earth,  Encouragement about Backslidden Loved Ones,  God’s Tender Love Toward Us, & Prayer & Spiritual Warfare,. “I will lift you up. You will find your sanctuary in Me. I Am your caretaker & refuge. My thoughts are toward you. I Am your fracture-plate … Continue reading


A collection of excerpts from some Spiritual Warfare Prophetic Words are below this short introduction that tells how the Lord began saying that we’re in a legal battle & what our part is. (Also posted under the title “THE LEGAL BATTLE IN HEAVENLY REALM”) “The Judge awards in favour of the plaintiff!” the Lord’s voice suddenly … Continue reading

“TAKE YOUR STAND, VICTORY IS WON!” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Take your stand! Take your stand! Take your stand! Victory is won! Do not listen to the eyes of your understanding, but Rejoice! Seal My work of deliverance in your heart. Hear the cry of the Angelic Host… ‘Fortitude! Fortitude’! Do not lie down! Take up arms & Rejoice! The victory is yours with thanksgiving … Continue reading

“FLY LIKE AN EAGLE – ABOVE THE STORMS & SHAKING” Prophetic Word by Susie Whitney

“Fly like an eagle!   Fly like an eagle!   Fly like an eagle!  This is the gathering of my eagles in the cleft of the rock. I have brought you here to come & see that which I want to show you from the eyes of the eagle. Rise above the storms.  Glide above … Continue reading

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